Creating a rope out of spider silk

A spiderweb with droplets of dew on it
Picture by Demi Kwant

Week 6 is almost over. Rachel Aaron writes in 2k to 10k that writing is like braiding, as you weave plot, places and people together to create a story. I find that to be very true, but what she doesn’t mention is that you start out with spider silk. You braid three strands of it together, then join that braid with two other braids both made of three strands of spider silk, in hopes that someday you can weave them into a rope strong enough to tow a ship.

I’ve got a title, a logline which made my beta readers and husband want to read the story, a Scrivener file that does everything I want it to and 3,500 words of a shitty first draft. Also, my two-year old seems to be getting over his phase of pushing every child in sight, so I can take him to the Y nursery again. The world is looking bright — wish me luck as I keep braiding!

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